So thrilled that Matt Berry used me as backing vocals on his Christmas song!

The night I got my first hug from Matt :-D ‘One Track Lover’ Matt Berry (by ComaPony1979)

So beautiful

So beautiful

This made me wet myself every time I saw it, with absolutely no idea who Matt Berry was: Bring On The Trumpets - The Natural Confectionery Company (by natconfectioneryco)

Oh God

Ask Rhod Gilbert has actually made me cry with laughter. “Rex Davies 1980-1992”


Oh to be cinnamon *sigh* Guzzle Puzzle Helpline - The Natural Confectionery Co. (by natconfectioneryco)

Oh my…

Oh my…

Probably shouldn’t admit to this….



entertained myself hugely whilst on the cross trainer by opening Matt’s sexytime app and waving my ipad around like a maniac.

This is exactly the right place for admitting such things. I bet working out has never been so much fun ;) 

Only one way to make it more fun ;-)